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2014 Portugal Day  - Full Program -

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May 18 ,3:00PM,Grand Opening of the Portugal Day Art Exhibit titled "A Telha“
May 29 ,7:00PM,Portugal Day Gala "Casa Seabra"
May 31 ,9:00AM,Clubs of UCLANJ Cycle Tour
,1:00PM,Flag raising at “Newark City Hall”
June 03 ,8:00PM,Mass at the Newark Cathedral presided by D. Edgar da Cunha Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Newark
June 06 ,5:00PM,Reception at the Newark Museum sponsored by the Consul General of Portugal celebrating the Day of Camões and the Portuguese Communities
,6:00PM,Start of the Festival with the musical group "Portuguese Star"
,7:00PM,A music and dance performance by the spectacular "Portuguese Michael Jackson"
,7:30PM,Folk Dance Groups:
, , Dança na Eira - Newark
, ,Casa do Ribatejo - Newark
, ,Portugal de Norte a Sul do PACA - Union
, ,Danças e Cantares de Portugal PISC - Elizabeth
,10:00PM,Special Performance by Portuguese recording artist TV personality and one of the stars of Portugal’s hit show Big Brother VIP "Nucha"
June 07 ,3:30PM,Live Musical Performances from :
, ,Monica Paula - Pepita Cardinali - Eduardo Marques
,5:00PM,Live Musical Performance from the Duo "Pink & Blue"
,6:00PM,Cape Verde Special: Live Musical Performance from  "C.V. Roots"
,7:00PM,Live Special Performance of Traditional Portuguese Music by Fátima Santos
, , Accompanied by:
, ,Portuguese Guitar José Luis Iglesias
, ,Classic Guitar Meliset Abreu
,7:30PM,Folk Dance Groups:
, , A Eira - Newark
, , Barcuense - Newark
, , Casa do Minho - Newark
, , Camponeses do Minho do S.C.P. - Newark
, , Recordações de Portugal - South River
,10:00PM,Special Live Concert with Portugal rock band - "Banda Red"
June 08 ,9:00AM,Portugal Day 5K Mile and Kiddy Dash – sponsored by Den of Lions
,1:00PM,Congregation of Parade Dignitaries at Peter Francisco Park
,2:00PM,Portugal Day Parade (with a first-ever live broadcast to Portugal via SIC Channel)
,5:00PM,Live Musical Performance by  "Sandro G"
,6:00PM,Folk Dance Groups:
, , Casa dos Arcos - Newark
, , Pescadores - Newark
, , Sonhos de Portugal - Kearny
,7:30PM,Spectacular Fado Concert at N.J.P.A.C. with Portuguese recording artist Gisela João (in collaboration with the Portuguese Consulate)
,8:00PM,Special Live Musical Performances by:
, , Nucha - José Figueiras
,9:30PM,Grande Finale and Closing Ceremonies:
, ,A Night of Fado with the following lineup of esteemed performers:
, , Corina - Diana Mendes - Emilia Silva - Fátima Porem Dias - Fátima Santos - Jorge Quaresma - Lauren Guerra - Manuel Renato - David Couto
, , Accompanied by:
, , Portuguese Guitar - José Iglesias - Meliset Abreu
, , Classic Guitar - Andrew Guerra

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2014 Mercedes Drawing will be held at 10:00PM on Sunday, June 8th.


Many special thanks and gratitude for the support and contributions of all those who participated in this event which means so much to the Portuguese Community!

Looking forward to see you in 2015
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